Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Ipod nano

Hello guys! I come here again. I hope that you have been a good week.
Today the topic is my favourite piece of technology and I choose my "Ipod nano touch".
If you don't know anything about Ipod, well don't worry, because I will tell you the most principal about this.
Is basically a reproductor of music portable of Apple, but also have other aplications, like radio, clock, pictures, one that you can listen podcasts (that are archives just for listen) and other for do fitness (you can see the calories that you miss).
I go it, from 3 months ago, was a gift of mother for any reason in special.
I use this apparatus for listen music, share archives with my friends and sometimes when I go walk, for see my marks of time.
I use my Ipod everyday and especially before of  I go to sleep.
I like my Ipod for his size, because is so portable, is easy for use.
My life without my Ipod, would be the same. But I hear music in the radio or Cd.

See you!! Bye

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