Thursday, April 19, 2012


Hi everyone!
Today, I let`s talk about my favorite singer, her name is Beyoncé, though his real name is Beyoncé Giselle Knowles. 
She is a norteamerican singer, specifically of Houston, Texas. She has 30 years old. 
Actually, she is married with other singer that sing hip-hop called Jay-z, and they had a baby from 4 months ago, that was a girl called  Blue Ivy Carter.
She is a singer of pop and R&B music, also she do mixes using differents instruments like trumpets, drums or a base of electro music. 
I like this singer, for many reasons, like: his vocal quality even while is singing and dancing; also, for his songs, becauce talk about differents topics, normally related with love or moments that you feeling good,like parties or with your friends. And I like her personality, because is so close with fans and people that need help in differents organizations.
I like many songs of her, but now I loved "Countdown", because her voice is so amazing and the rhythm make me dancing. 
I hope that you know this artist, but you did'nt here you have the video. XOXO!!


  1. hi! i wait that you`re ok, i say you that i like beyonce too because she is great and good singer!

  2. I must say that Beyoncé is a very very good singer and dancer!! nice post!! :)