Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Ipod nano

Hello guys! I come here again. I hope that you have been a good week.
Today the topic is my favourite piece of technology and I choose my "Ipod nano touch".
If you don't know anything about Ipod, well don't worry, because I will tell you the most principal about this.
Is basically a reproductor of music portable of Apple, but also have other aplications, like radio, clock, pictures, one that you can listen podcasts (that are archives just for listen) and other for do fitness (you can see the calories that you miss).
I go it, from 3 months ago, was a gift of mother for any reason in special.
I use this apparatus for listen music, share archives with my friends and sometimes when I go walk, for see my marks of time.
I use my Ipod everyday and especially before of  I go to sleep.
I like my Ipod for his size, because is so portable, is easy for use.
My life without my Ipod, would be the same. But I hear music in the radio or Cd.

See you!! Bye

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Hi everyone!
Today, I let`s talk about my favorite singer, her name is Beyoncé, though his real name is Beyoncé Giselle Knowles. 
She is a norteamerican singer, specifically of Houston, Texas. She has 30 years old. 
Actually, she is married with other singer that sing hip-hop called Jay-z, and they had a baby from 4 months ago, that was a girl called  Blue Ivy Carter.
She is a singer of pop and R&B music, also she do mixes using differents instruments like trumpets, drums or a base of electro music. 
I like this singer, for many reasons, like: his vocal quality even while is singing and dancing; also, for his songs, becauce talk about differents topics, normally related with love or moments that you feeling good,like parties or with your friends. And I like her personality, because is so close with fans and people that need help in differents organizations.
I like many songs of her, but now I loved "Countdown", because her voice is so amazing and the rhythm make me dancing. 
I hope that you know this artist, but you did'nt here you have the video. XOXO!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My autobiography

Hi everyone! My name is Bárbara, I`m eighteen years old. I live in Peñalolén. I study Public Administration in the Universidad de Chile from 2011.
My familiy is so little, I have 2 cousins only. But we see few times.
I live with my parents, my sister and my grandmother.My sister is more little than me, she have 12 years old. Also, I have a pet, is a cat his name is Miu, before we have a rabbit that she called "Coneja" (is an original name), but she die from 2 months ago.

In my freetime, I do all kind of things, sometimes I read a book, I play the guitar and I cooking, or just listen the music (alll kind of music, however, I like very much the electro music) and I walk to a park.

Finally, I think that to learn English is so necessary for be a professional, but the true is that I found hard understand.

Thanks for your visit.