Thursday, May 24, 2012


Hello guys!
I come back, for tell you of my favourite photograph. Really, it's so difficult for me choose one, because I like the photograph but not in his photographer, so I forget the names, just remember the imagen. Finally, I decided for one that represent an inspiration for me, for this I chose "The Bibi Aisha Fund" that is a portrait of an afghan woman, of 18 years old. Who that cut hers ears ( that in this image is to hide for hers hair) and mutilate hers nose. All this was for a punishment give for her own husband, because he told that Aisha tried escaped.
The photographer of this portrait, is a South African called Jodi Bieber, who that send his photograph for the Times Magazine, whose come out in the cover. And won the World Press Photo Award in 2010. This photograph was took in January, 2010, in a trip of Bieber.
I like this photoghaph because show a reality of many woman that are abused, and obviously I dislike this, independently 
of his culture, I think that this atrocities not would occurred anymore.
Thanks, see you in another occasion. Bye!


  1. o barbara you are so bad girl and ghoulish. I don`t like your photo :(

  2. Is complex understand other culture

  3. Your photograph is very representative of the problems of womens in a very important part of the world :(