Friday, June 29, 2012

Last blog

Hello guys! I hope that you are Ok,  and you enjoy this cold and rainy day of winter. Well, today is the last post to this class, so it's time to say goodbye... but before of this, I tell you my modest opinion about this experience blogging.
I remember the class (I think that was the first), when the teacher told the differents tests or assessment in that include blogging and the truth, I was scared, because I haven´t any blog, and start to writte one and in English made me think: Oh! this is so difficult. But, with the last blogs, were very easy for me write it.
  So, I think that was so interesting and funny do differents post with differents topics where sometimes was difficult think about  what character/situation/thing speak it , and for this reasons I can tell that I like very much this activity.
Also, it's so important to emphasize like this activity helped me to improve my English, above all writting and thinking in synonymous of words that I don't  know in English.
The pros are: improve, the English written, creativity and the relation between classmates (for any doubt or comment). the cons are: the revision of blog for to correct mistakes in verbs for example.
Well, was a good experience. Thanks for your visit, Bye!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"El Portal"

Hi everybody!
It's so good stay here again. Well, today I'm going to talk about a place that is safety pin. The  place I refer is the "Portal Fern├índez Concha", that stay situated in Santiago of Chile, in right heart of this capital city, yes, in the Plaza de Armas or rather in the streets around of this, in specific Merced street. Well, for any reason you don't know about this place, I tell that if you feel so hungry, this place is the recommended; because here there are very restaurant with the food in big portions for to satisfy all your hungry for even days. And the best of all ( I suposed that you ask this), are the prices and I can tell you that are cheap, but I to be honest, the more expensive are drinks. The food that you can found in this place it's so tipical, for example the "italian completos", "churrascos", "Palta reina", "Pastel de choclo", and others.

 So, I hope that you visit this place. See you. Bye!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My pet

Hello guys! I'm here again, I hope that you have a good day. Well... today I'm going to talk about of my pet. Yes,  I have a cute cat, his name is "Miu", the history of this name  is short, because  when this cat arrived to my house, my sister took my cat and he say: miaow, and she chose this name for a sound of him.
This cat, was a gift of my cousin, because his cat was mother, and he had much cats, so my sister chose one. I don`t remember well, but she bring a different cat, but him was so little and needed of his mom, for that we had to return with my cousin. We hope a time, and we back for the cat, but my sister chose other. And finally, he that covert in we pet.
My cat is so playful, he love hunt anything even my socks, and actually, he is so lazy and he love sleep in any place, like bed, armchair or in the floor; for this reason he is so fat. I believe that he need a diet or more exercise.
Well, thanks for read, Bye.