Thursday, May 31, 2012

My favourite webpage

   Hi guys!!
I hope that you have been a good day. Today the topic is free, and this is't so difficult, but I don't know what topic I can choose. Thinking...Ok, I found it. I let's talk about my favourite webpage actually.

I remeber, a day in this holidays of summer, in that I stayed seeing the Paula magazine, and I interested in a link about a webpage of fashion. Just I had search in my computer this link, and I love it.
In this webpage, that it's really a blog about the life of a girl called Betty, she is a french woman, and a celebrity because is invited a different parties and events around the world. So, she show photos ( take for her boyfriend) about her travels and her new collections of  outfits and accesories.
Actually, this kind of webpage are very popular, I don't know the real reason for this, but I think because for the young people is so much important his appearance for comunicate with the other people.
If you like the fashion,  know other places and follow a little the life of Betty, I recomend this webpage.
The link is this:
Ok, See you, Bye